Mahan Esfahani plays Luc Ferrari | Drew McDowall

Luc Ferrari Programme commun pour clavecin amplifé et bande magnétique*
Drew McDowall The live re-interpretation of Time Machines+

Mahan Esfahani harpsichord*
Drew McDowall electronic instruments+

Taking the stage again for the closing concert of Day 1, Mahan Esfahani pays homage to 90 years of musique concrète and electroacoustic music pioneer Luc Ferrari with his Programme commun for harpsichord and tape.  Although cheerful, this piece of music asks a serious question: can one separate ones political and artistic concerns, either directly, as a film can allow, or indirectly, as in this music? Drew McDowall, pioneer of industrial electronic music and Coil band member, travels forward in time with his drone/ambient masterpiece. Using 4 tones, McDowall chases “temporal slips” in time and space, allowing both the artist and audience to figuratively “dissolve time”.

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