Closing Concert: Mik Quantius | Dave Smith

The closing concert features glorious solo keys from Mik Quantius and a rare performance of legendary Scratch Orchestra member Dave Smith’s Diabolus Apocalypsis (so rare in fact, Diabolus Apocalypsis was only performed once in 1976 at London’s ICA). Scored for two organs and two pianos (electric and acoustic), “Diabolus” indicates a restriction to an unchanging diminished scale and “Apocalypsis” is a playful description of the piece’s character. Chris Hobbs, Catherine Laws and Paul Kean join the stage for this performance. Member of the free-kraut-improv group Embryo, Mik Quantius’s solo work “sounds like an alien has just discovered what he can do with an 80s all-in-one keyboard”. You can expect a brilliant convention breaking performance from this scat maestro on the keys.

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