BBC SSO perform premieres from Christian Wolff, Jennifer Walshe and Andrew Hamilton

Christian Wolff Old Shoe, New Shoe* (World Premiere)
Jennifer Walshe The Site Of An Investigation (UK Premiere)
Andrew Hamilton(UK Premiere)
Joey Baron jazz drums*
Robyn Schulkowsky percussion*
Jennifer Walshe
Ilan Volkov conductor
BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

The BBC SSO takes the stage for the World Premiere of Christian Wolff’s BBC Commission Old Shoe, New Shoe. Inspired by a large painting by Philip Guston, the result is a sonic landscape of some scale, for orchestra and two solo percussionists. The percussionists and orchestra weave in and out of each other, constantly changing performing situations: moving from leader, to follower; from symphony orchestra to chamber group; from written notes to free improvisation. The result is a mesmerising performance that challenges how we should perform music. Written backwards, the UK Premiere of Andrew Hamilton’s c wonders “What does it matter? All is grace”. Jennifer Walshe's The Site of An Investigation ranges wildly over our contemporary predicament, taking in microplastics, Facebook likes, grief, precarity, interplanetary colonisation, artificial intelligence and loss. The work is coloured by shifts between raw emotion and the blackest humour. Mars Abú!

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