Kevin McCarvel

Originally from the Isle of Lewis, Kevin McCarvel is a Glasgow based musician whose main activity has been with Smoke Jaguar, a duo with axe wrangler Stuart Crutchfield who trade in repeat-riff blowouts and spontaneous guitar levitations. More recently he has collaborated with Andrew Paine in The Domestiques, a project consolidating their musical explorations into a blend of ragged destructo guitar, space-dub bass, shortwave radios, old tapes and FX.

Other work has included live performances with The Flexibles, Frances McKee (Vaselines) and a one off trio performance with Nick Mitchell & Rogier Smal, as well as providing sounds for a  performance by American dancer and choreographer Kyra Boprie. Additionally he runs Nyali Recordings as well as Good Energy Records, a new collaboration with Jennifer Lucy Allan of Arc Light Editions.

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